The first step in trying to register a charity is to apply for a PIN number.  This PIN number allows you to create an account and subsequently fill out (and submit) an application form.


The Charities Regulator intends to launch a new online application system called 'MyAccount' by the end of July this year.  If you have not applied for a PIN number before 18 July 2018 you will have to wait to apply through the new system.  We suggest you come back to our new website in the first week of August to Sign Up to apply.


However, if you already have a PIN number, which you have not used, or you have started but not completed an application, you must complete and submit the application before 25 July 2018, otherwise you will need to reapply through the new system once launched.


Thank you for your cooperation.


Create account to enter and update your charity details

You will need the security information sent in our letter to you and you will need to specify a password.

Your e-mail address will be your user name.

The password requirements are: 

•    it should be at least 9 characters long 
•    it should include at least one letter and one number 
•    it should include at least one upper and one lower case letter 
•    it should include at least one special character - the special characters you can use are: @, #, $, %, ^, +, =


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