Requirements for making application to settle a Cy-près Scheme

The Charities Regulator has the power to settle Schemes applying Charity property Cy-près (as near as possible to the intentions of the original Donor) under Section 29 of the Charities Act 1961, as amended by Section 8 and 14 of the Charities Act 1973, and by part 2 of the Social Welfare (Miscellaneous Provisions) Act, 2002 and Section 82 of the Charities Act 2009. The Charities Regulator's requirements to settle such Schemes are set out at Form No. 14 and a precedent Scheme is set out at Form No.16.

FORM 14 (PDF) - The Charities Regulator's requirements for an application to the Board to settle a Cy-près Scheme.

FORM 16 (PDF) - FORM 16 (WORD) - Precedent Cy-Près Scheme.